If you have a home, you have a roof, and you may need to decide at some point (whether during new construction or when your roof needs to be replaced) what type of roofing material is best for you. The good news is that today there are so many choices you can get exactly what you want, and you are not stuck with something that doesn’t fit your needs. One type of roofing growing in popularity is metal roofing in Utah, and here are four reasons you might want to put it on your list to consider.

1: It’s Likely the Last Roof You Will Need

Most roofing is designed to last for a couple of decades, but when you decide to put metal roofing on your Utah home, the average lifespan is expected to be 50 years, or perhaps even more if you have quality material that is installed by a knowledgeable and skilled roofer (although its actual life can depend on several other factors as well). For most homeowners that means it’s probably the last roof you will need to install on your home. Metal roofing is more expensive than options such as asphalt, but with such a long life expectancy it may be the same or better value.

2: Better Resistance to Damage

The roof on your home takes a lot of punishment from the weather outside, whether it’s UV rays from the sun, hail in the spring, or snow in the winter. Through all of that it needs to hold up without leaking or becoming damaged, and metal roofing has exceptional resistance to these types of things. In fact, it is one of the best roofing materials to resist the common wear and tear that your roofing might see over the years—it won’t rot, break, or crack, its resistant to high winds, and it’s safe against fire danger because metal doesn’t burn.

3: Light Weight Makes it Appropriate for Any Home

Sometimes homeowners are limited to what type of roofing they are able to use because the support structure on their home won’t support heavier materials. That means things like slate and tile could be off the table, but metal roofing in Utah still offers a lot of the benefits of these more expensive and heavier materials without the weight. In fact, metal is one of the lightest roofing materials so it can be used on any home without any weight limitations.

4: Save Money on Energy

One final reason many homeowners consider a metal roof for their home is for energy efficiency. Your roof, along with insulation in your attic and walls, play a role in how well your home holds air inside. Metal roofing not only helps keep warm air inside during winter, it can also reflect sunlight during the summer months, keeping your home cooler without using as much AC in the summer.

Metal roofing might not be right for everyone, but it is one option to consider for many homeowners who are getting a roof in Salt Lake City.

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