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Our Salt Lake City Roofers Are Gephardt Approved

If you are in need of commercial or residential roofing services in the greater Salt Lake City or Park City areas, Wesley Green Roofing is proud to offer some of the best services in all of Utah. With over 65 years of roofing experience, we have expanded our reach and refined our skills to handle any type of roofing project. From minor maintenance and repairs to major installations or multi-million dollar commercial projects, our versatile, licensed, bonded, and insured roofers can handle it all!

As a superior provider of roofing services with a flair for “old fashioned quality,” we are proud to offer a full range of roofing services. Our Salt Lake City roofers only utilize the highest quality products and the best performing materials available in the industry. Our roofing contractors are Gephardt Approved, making your choice in Wesley Green Roofing one that can be made in confidence.

Customer Driven Roofing Service for Any Structure Size or Design

Commercial Roofing
No commercial property is too big or too small for our Gephardt Approved roofers. We can provide installation services, repair services, or tear-off services for any commercial structure. In order to boost your property value, you can choose from a variety of profiles and materials, including metal, shingles, and solar roofing systems.

Home Roofing
Because a roof will be your home’s primary protection from the external elements, your roofing system must be impervious to high or low temperatures, water, ice, or wind. From roof replacement, roof repair, or roof installation, our roofers can get the job done right in a short period of time.

Ice Dams
Especially during the winter season, a home or commercial property will rely on the roofing structure. Snow or ice that is left on top of a roofing system can lead to significant damage, including sagging, water damage, or even roof failure. For a comprehensive ice dam solution for your home or commercial property, call our roofers for a free quote.

Metal Roofing
From commercial structures to residential properties, any building can benefit from a metal roofing system. Unlike conventional roofing systems, such as asphalt shingles or tiles, metal roofs can last well over 50 years, contribute to energy savings costs, and earn tax credits.

Roof Repair
Routine maintenance is always encouraged on any roofing system. From clearing the gutters to checking for minor cracks or missing tiles, consistently checking your roof can save you from serious damage. If your roof is showing signs of damage, cracks, missing tiles, sagging, or water damage, our roofers can provide comprehensive roof repair services to save you money from future property damage.

Roof Replacement
If you are noticing cracks, missing tiles, weather damage, or leaks in your roof, these may be indicators that your roofing system needs to be replaced. No matter how small or large your property and no matter what slope, we can offer roof replacement services for homes and businesses throughout Utah.

Improving the look, feel, energy efficiency, and value of your home or business can start by simply installing a skylight system. Skylights can be ideal for any home or business because they are an innovative way to use the natural light to warm, cool, and light your home or business.

Solar Roofs
An increasing number of home owners and commercial property owners are turning to solar powered roofing systems. Because solar roofs are environmentally conscious, use natural energy to generate electricity, and provide federal tax credits, the result of a solar roof can be incredibly cost efficient. If you are considering installing a solar roof, you should speak with one of our trained roofers for a free quote.

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Wesley Green Roofing has the experience, tools, resources, and workmanship to create professional and high-quality roofing solutions for any home or commercial structure. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, high-quality service, and professional care has earned us a Screen Home Advisor 5 Star Rating and an A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Regardless of the type of roofing work you need done, we can give you a free roofing quote.

To get your free estimate, speak with a member of our helpful and friendly staff. We are ready to take your call! Contact Wesley Green Roofing today to get started on your newest roofing project.

We serve all areas from Weber County to Utah County, including, but not limited to, Davis County, Salt Lake County, Summit County, and Wasatch Front.

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