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Solar energy roofing systems have come quite a long way over the past few decades. Though solar roofs were incredibly innovative during the early stages of the “green movement,” today’s solar panels have become much more efficient than they once were. At Wesley Green Roofing, we are dedicated to continuing our education, knowledge, and proficiency in staying on the cutting-edge of the solar industry. As technology continues to move forward, so do we. Our continuous pursuit of training and industry training has earned our Salt Lake City roofers professional recognition, including earning the title of being aGephardt Approved roofer.

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Not surprisingly, an increasing number of homeowners and commercial property owners are turning to more innovative roofing systems, including solar roofing. There is a certain appeal to solar roofs, and not simply because a solar roof is environmentally conscious.

There are many incentives for installing a solar roof, including:

  • The ability to harness solar energy and generate electricity for a home or business
  • Once a solar roof is installed and functional, the energy produced is completely free of charge
  • Reduce the amount of fossil fuel-based energy
  • Nearly completely eliminate the need to be connected to community power grid
  • Annual savings from reduction in energy costs for many business owners
  • Homeowners and business owners can receive federal tax credits of 30% of the total cost
  • Energy produced can be sold back to the power company, resulting in extra cash flow back to the homeowner or business owner

Perhaps one of the greatest appeals that a solar roofing system can offer is its versatility for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. No matter what kind of structure you own, a solar roofing system can save homeowners and business owners money across the board. By extension, solar powered buildings in Utah can substantially contribute to a more environmentally conscious nation.

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